Apples on the Beach, Fort De Soto State Park, Florida 
photo by sayran

The symphony of colors ( Yeni, Cami, Istanbul ) by Vadim Arshavsky

Falcon Punch!

Evanescent Sunrise by Cyril Rolando

When the Sea Falls Asleep by Georgios Demetriou

Red Robot Kid Gimme Fuel by Georgios Demetriou
“I wanted to dig into the whole group buying daily-deal craze and see if it’s as much of a win for merchants as it is for consumers. To test this out, I took one of my outlets and did a Groupon for it, and then did a deal through rival site LivingSocial. Let me tell you right now: It was night and day. Working with one company was a great experience. With the other, it was a mess.”